Saturday, 23 February 2008

Paypal Flash Button Creator 2.1

Paypal Flash Button Creator 2.1 | 1.96 MB

Is your email inbox getting filled with spam because you put your email address in the source code of your webpages? With the AlertPay Flash Button Creator, you can put your email address and all the other payment information inside a flash movie which cannot be read by spider robots. This makes it harder for the spammers to add your email address to their database.

Also, it protects you against the person who has learned to look at the source of your webpages to find the location of your product. Or the one that changes the price to a lower amount and receives your product. By putting the information in a flash file, you add additional levels of security.

In addition, it is simple to change your button because you can save the inputed values on your computer. When you want to make a change, just load the button and modify. Then generate the new button.

* Make unlimited PayPal Buttons for your website
* Make Single Item, Donation, Cart or Subscription Buttons, View Cart Buttons
* Make Custom Payment Pages for every Button.
* Instructions for using with Macromedia Flash can be read here
* Instructions for using with an HTML website are created with each button
* Set an IPN url in each button
* Have PayPal post data to your website
* Uses the same ppb files that our other PayPal products use
* You can edit your PayPal buttons offline and only make single modification if desired
* Sixty images to choose from to embed into your buttons
* 30 use Trial so you can test the program before you buy. It embeds that it is an unregistered program in the Flash button so the buttons themselves cannot be used and must be regenerated after purchase to remove the unregistered message.
* Provides a way to counter the new IE behavior of forcing your users to click the button to activate it
* Makes it possible to set defaults for fields that are in most of your buttons
* The original dimensions of the image used are now the default size for the flash buttons
* When the image is larger then the panel in the preview, you can now scroll and see the entire image
* The program has been modified to accomodate IE's new behavior. The instructions are no longer on a webpage. They have become part of the program.
* The ability to upload directly from the program to your website


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