Friday, 22 February 2008

MaxiVista MirrorPro

MaxiVista can turn your secondary PC(s) into an additional monitor, that can be used as an extension of your primary PC. You can simply move your mouse beyond the boundaries of your main monitor and , like magic, it will appear on the second monitor - you can launch shortcuts, start programs, move applications out of the way etc. The program allows you to free desktop space without the need to switch between virtual desktop, as everything is in reach at all times. The program runs in the system tray and can be used in full screen or partial mode on the secondary PC - a double-click on the tray icon allows you to quickly switch to standard desktops on both machines. MaxiVista is completely software based and does not require any special hardware. It works with up to 4 PCs that are connected via Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Firewire or USB network.


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