Saturday, 23 February 2008

Adobe Contribute CS3

Adobe® Contribute® CS3 enables content authors to quickly and easily update existing websites and blogs while maintaining site integrity — with no technical expertise required.
Unified web publishing
Simplify the editing process by enabling content contributors to update multiple websites and blogs from a single application without learning HTML. Take advantage of improved rendering compatibility with Adobe® Dreamweaver® software. True WYSIWYG authoring capabilities make it easy to publish new or update existing content in three simple steps: Just browse to the website or blog, make the changes, and click Publish.

Maintain website integrity with Dreamweaver integration
Adobe Contribute® CS3 software uses Dreamweaver CS3 templates, ensuring accurate updates to websites designed with Dreamweaver. Website look and feel are never compromised, even when multiple authors update content across the site. Authors can update only areas designated by the designer or webmaster, so the site always appears as the designer intended. And just like Dreamweaver, Contribute preserves code quality and formats throughout the editing process.

Control website authoring and publishing permissions
With Adobe Contribute CS3, site administrators can ensure that only authorized contributors are able to update specified website content. Fine-grained permissions enable administrators to define who can edit and publish content on a website or within a specificweb page. Administrators can also limit certain users to editing only. If required, administrators can roll back to a previous version of the web page with just a few clicks.

Quick web page and blog posting from Microsoft Office
Publish content directly from within Microsoft Office applications using the template of your choice, significantly reducing your editing time. Contribute CS3 adds buttons to your Office applications that allow you to publish directly to a website or post to a blog without opening Contribute.

Integrated with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2
Use Contribute browser buttons to edit the page you are browsing or to post its content directly to a blog. Contribute CS3 supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Help users create frequent and effective blog entries
Adobe Contribute CS3 makes it easy for site administrators to get users started with blogging — using the same familiar environment they use to update website content. Users can work offline and then publish when ready, reducing the risk of losing content due to a lost connection or unintended keystroke. Users can easily add tags to blog entries and can use any tag repository to help others find the blog content. With Adobe Contribute CS3, users can post to multiple blogs from a single application, helping to save time and money. Plus, multiple users can simultaneously post new content to the same blog to keep content fresh.

Easily add rich media and FLV files
Include rich media, such as FLV files, in websites and blogs by simply dragging the file onto the web page or blog entry during edit. Contribute CS3 automatically uploads the file and posts it to the site on publish.

Compatible with Windows Vista and Intel based Macs
Contribute CS3 works on Intel® based and PowerPC® Macs, and on Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows Vista™ systems. Significantly reduce editing time by publishing content directly from within Microsoft Office applications or from Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2.





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